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We are investigating the sleep and physical activity of families throughout the Calgary community. We are looking for 50 families who have no history of cancer or chronic illness, to act as a comparison group to 50 families that have a childhood cancer survivor.

Background and Purpose

Sleep plays an important part in a child’s life. Problems with sleeping can affect other parts of a child’s life, such as their mood or schoolwork. Children with cancer and their families often have more difficulties sleeping than children and their families who do not have cancer. Sleeping problems can last for many years, even after a child reaches adulthood. 

Right now we know what the sleeping behaviors of child cancer patients and their families look like when they are in cancer treatment, and many years after they end treatment. No studies have looked at sleeping behaviors in pediatric cancer survivors and their families who have recently finished treatment. In order to better understand how these survivor families differ, we need to compare their sleep and activity to a comparison group